FAQ: "How late into the year do you still build fences?"

A: "We build fences all year long, summer and winter. We can set posts in concrete, even in the cold, January temperatures. Since our concrete footers are underground, and we include cold weather additives to the concrete, we can set our posts in temperatures as cold as 12°F."

Call us today... We're working... Yes, even in snow!

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What you will receive from us:


Fences are ideal solutions for keeping children & pets safe, protecting your pool, and/or adding some needed privacy to your yard.


Our employees pride themselves on the finished product. You can be sure that we will put forth the time and effort into making your fence something you'll be proud to own.

Worry-free Maintenance

We are committed to keeping your fence as beautiful as possible. Please contact us if you need any gate adjustments, board replacements, and/or post replacements.

About Us

Willhoite & Sons Fence Service, Inc. was founded by Harry & Martha 'Jean' Willhoite under the goal of combining personalized service, quality craftsmanship, and only the best materials to create beautiful fences that last for years. For almost fifty years, we have offered the largest variety of custom built fences for your selection.

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